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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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MEMO - February 20 through 23, 2018

Is it time to be thinking about spring testing? (Or at least about spring?!) You bet, and here’s what we have in place as practice sessions for your sons/daughters as they prepare for the actual testing. Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) testing will be held during the weeks of April 24 through 27, and May 1 through 4. So, the SBA practice schedule for all grade levels, 3rd through 11th is as follows:
Tuesday, Feb. 27 – Reading, Wednesday, March 7 – Reading, Thursday, March 15 - Reading
Wednesday, March 21 – Writing, Tuesday, March 27 – Writing, Tuesday, April 10 – Math,
Thursday, April 12 – Writing, Wednesday, April 18 – Math, Thursday, April 19 - Math
All sessions are at the Deer Park Computer Lab from 3:15 - 4:15 pm.

Five Home Link students were recently honored for their sweep at Winterfest’s Chess tournament. Nikita Zagainov (11th grade); Xander Gooler (7th grade); Josiah Kaiser and Oliver Moeckel (both 6th grade); and Noah Zayko (5th grade) – we’re thrilled by all of you! Highest congratulations!

You won’t believe it, but it’s time once again to urge parents to examine Lost and Found. Oh how such an area can grow. And grow more. Like a Math lesson on exponents!

Timely reminder: Last day to turn in your Curriculum order is??? Drum roll… March 27.

It’s been suggested that we build a Mission Statement for the Family Room(s) on each campus. Might you help us with that? The ideas will come purely from each of you since these rooms are expressly for your use. Look for a bright suggestion box, located in each locale. This question will be attached to it: What do you want this room to be? Drop your thoughts and reflections into the box, and we’ll honor your requests with a mission statement, and atmosphere, that serves your needs. Many thanks for participating.

Riverside High School is hosting an opportunity for seniors attending Riverside HS, Deer Park HS, Deer Park Home Link, and Newport HS to participate in a hands-on workshop focused on IT as a career field. It’s sponsored through New Horizons Computer Learning Center. The date is THIS Wednesday, Feb 21, from 9 - 11 am, at Riverside High School. Look for the informational flyer at both sites; and you must RSVP.

Students in our H.S. Civics class are fundraising for a spring Washington DC trip and need YOUR help. They are collecting used clothes, household items, and books. These items will be sold, by weight, to Value Village. If you have items to donate (of course you do!) please bring them to either site’s Family Room before Thursday, THIS week, Feb 22. Label: Washington DC trip. Many thanks for helping our students!

In this time of frigid temperatures and snow a’plenty – do something that will warm yourself and others… give a sweet hug, listen carefully to words expressed, look folks in the eyes, and always tell others how much you love them. We need the encouragement. Each one of us is made better by the kindness of those we do life with. Thank you for who you each are. Thank you for being here with us. And thank you for believing that you are treasured.