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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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MEMO - Oct 2 through 6, 2017

One of my favorite notepads has a picture on the top of an older, nicely rounded woman. She's opening her refrigerator door with a slight smile on her face. The heading reads, 'Looking for love in all the wrong places.' And don't we, though?! My hunch is that as we look for comfort – we sometimes forget the best place to find it. As this school year launches, if any of you are struggling a bit with new curriculum, or kids' attitudes, establishing routines, or even motivation - is it possible that we can help? Please let us know. Your consultant, mentor moms, or any of us on staff are here to support and encourage...we know that what home schooling Moms or Dads take on each new year can be as hard and lonely as it is glorious and fulfilling. Need a friendly ear? A fresh idea? We have a refrigerator full of support- and it's calorie-free. Use us!

Well, your children's schedules are set! The class selection and swapping process is now behind us. Thanks for staying put and enjoying all that each classroom Specialist has prepared. Rich learning opportunities = straight ahead! Enjoy!

Please remember that our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday school days end at 3 pm, when the final class is completed. That means that your children begin looking for YOU at this time. We’ve had some mighty late afternoons, here and there, as folks have arrived to pick up their darlins an hour to two hours late. Thank you for remembering…school closes down, and doors get locked before you know it!

Also remember that we’re a closed campus, both sites. Students at Deer Park can’t leave at noon, and go to Levi’s down the road for lunch. Tempting; but no can do.

Are you pleased with your school pictures? Did you pick up your complimentary student ID card from Connie at the front desk in Deer Park? Just checking. Don’t forget that Picture Retakes are next Monday, October 9th, 1-3 pm. If you were unable to join us on Picture Day, please grab that great smile of yours and come next Monday. Appointments are not needed; just drop in between 1 and 3 pm.

This is a second reminder to juniors and sophomores who are interested in taking the PSAT that there’s a slight hiccup this year. Deer Park High School is part of a testing grant which necessitates that PSAT testing results represent students who take classes at Deer Park high School, only. The convenience of testing at the high school is therefore not an option for Home Link students this year. But here's what you might do - contact Riverside High School, or one of the Mead high schools, or another nearby high school and speak with a counselor there. Explain your need for a testing site, and ask for a test application booklet. The PSAT is being offered on both Oct 11 and Oct 14. The fee is nominal, and truly? Doing well on the PSAT can lead to some extraordinary opportunities through the National Merit Scholarship program. The bother this year? Totally WORTH IT!

This was overheard during a recent car-ride: 6 yr old Avy asks 4 1/2 yr old Palmer, "Hey Palmer, what do you want to be when you're grown up?" Palmer said quickly, "Retired like Grandpa." Avy says patiently, "No, Palmer. You can't be retired until after you've done something big. Something really big, like, work in a gas station, or fix hair." "Oh," said Palmer. Play golf like Grandpa and eat at a lot of restaurants and do something big. Palmer stared out the window...a lot on his mind.