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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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MEMO - April 17 through 21, 2017

How sweet it is! After surviving the most wintery of winters in memory, followed by much dreary rain...a weekend of glorious warmth and sun was beyond welcome, wasn't it. With tree buds beginning to open, and river currents still something to behold (but better!), we're on the cusp of seeing this weather tamed a bit. Another reason to say Hallelujah!

Our first-ever Curriculum Fair is THIS week on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, April 18 – 19 from 1 to 3 pm, in the District Training Center - Deer Park Campus. Please come and explore curriculum your kids will love, find resources to help you plan your school year, and implement new, rigorous and comprehensive learning strategies. Turn pages, view online programs, receive door prizes, and speak with our experienced staff and friendly Moms to help equip you for the journey! Can’t wait to see you there! ENORMOUS THANKS TO LAURIE OTTESON, RICHELLE HARGIT, MARYELLEN GERMAINE, CAROLYN HOLBROOK, AND NEVER LEAST, MELISSA JURAN. WAIT, JUST WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT THEY’VE ASSEMBLED AS A SERVICE TO ALL OF YOU!

2017 Spring Dance Concert "O Caminho" is THIS Saturday, April 22nd. Coming?? It’s always stunning! Tickets are free and available from Connie. There will be two shows, at Deer Park High School, one at 12 noon and one at 3pm. Please only take tickets that you know will be used, as people with no tickets will have to wait until ticketed people are seated.

Don’t forget about those Registration packets! If your family’s planning on returning next year, we need those back into Connie’s hands no later than the end of next week. As you may know, we have a massive waiting list to address (and we can’t do that without a clear sense of our numbers, you know). Thank you!

H.O.P.E. meeting for April is on Wednesday, April 26, at 10 am. The discussion will involve new positions that are opening up. If you’re curious about that organization does, and you’d like to learn more – head to Lofty Skies in Deer Park on that Wednesday…YOU are most welcome!

Yearbooks can still be ordered online, but you will be responsible for shipping costs.

Testing: As with last week, the two week testing schedule is on the flip side of this week’s Memo. HOWEVER, there have been a few changes, please, please look at the revised cluster of last name initials, which indicate the specific site for your students’ testing. PARTICULARILY those of you with last names beginning with the letters: G, H, and S.

No Memos for the next two weeks – as you know, the program will be in testing mode. Thanks for joining us!