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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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Summer is here at last! Relax and enjoy every minute! See you in the fall.

Announcing the plays for Drama II Rehearsal Class in 2017-18!

First Semester: "Anne of Green Gables” Based off the charming classic novel of a highly imaginative orphan girl and her life of antics in early 1900's Prince Edward Island.
Second Semester: "Father Knows Best" Originally a radio program, it became a popular television series. A comedic light- hearted look at family life in the 1950's as Father tries to rule his unruly roost and take control of a string of spiraling chaotic events.

AUDITIONS for first semester will be held in the Teachers’ Lounge at the Deer Park site on Thursday August 24 from 10-5, and Friday August 25 by appointment only (please contact me after August 15 if you need to meet that day) Paperwork for both plays will be available for pick up August 18 at the Deer Park Home Link office. Auditions are held in the order of sign up that day. Auditions for second semester will be in December and posted at a later date. Thank you!
Any questions contact me after August 15. Sharlene Steverding 509-710-5688

Fall Schedule:

  • August 31st - New Parent Orientation, 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • September 5th - Welcome Back Event & Curriculum Fair!
  • Families A-L 10:00 am - 11:00 am, Families M-Z 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
  • September 5th - Class Registration Begins, 9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • September 6th and 7th - Class Registration, 9:00 am - 10:00 am
  • September 11th - Specialists and all Staff Meeting, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • September 11th - Picture Day! 10:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • September 18th - Classes Begin

Parents - Be sure to check the Home Link website forums, and the HOPE facebook page for announcements throughout the summer about Local Homeschooling Events and Discounts!


MEMO - June 5 through 9, 2017

As we close out the school year, and race towards what’s next, remember the beauty of this quote from Lucy Maud Montgomery:
Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.
Beautiful, isn’t it? Today can be left in its place, and tomorrow can be embraced in its newness. As you transition into summer, take the best from this past year with you, and shake free from what can responsibly be left behind. You mighty home schoolers (bless you!) need to catch your breath, and you might just need to do so intentionally. I read a book by a local home schooling mother and author, and want to share some of her thoughts:
“A few years into homeschooling, one thing became abundantly clear to me: A peaceful and happy mother is the real key to successful homeschooling. Choosing excellent materials is important, of course. Establishing a healthy daily routine is enormously helpful. Developing an active social life is essential. We can read up on every curriculum on the market, listen to podcasts, devour articles, attend conferences, participate in co-ops or support groups, but none of this will have the same impact on the life of a homeschooling family as a peaceful and happy mother.
To become peaceful and happy, you’ve got to figure out what’s true about you. What creates an environment in which you can thrive? How can you work with your own innate strengths and weaknesses so that your homeschool will be happy and humming, even if you never construct a sugar cube pyramid or help your kids put together a single diorama?
It never occurred to me, during all the reading and pondering about my children’s learning styles and unique needs that I might burn out if I didn’t consider my own personality and my own teaching style as well. If I’m not thriving, my students are going to suffer. We must look ourselves squarely in the eye and decide what is true about how we operate best, and then base our homeschools on those truths, playing to our strengths and providing for our weaknesses. The result? The children benefit tremendously, regardless of their unique learning styles.”
Is any of this resonating with you? Would you like to read more, perhaps? Please let me (Molly) know!
And lastly, one final quote from the book, “The true aim of education is to order a child’s affections – to teach him to love what he ought and hate what he ought. Our greatest task, then, is to put living ideas in front of our children like a feast. We have been charged to cultivate the souls of our children, to nourish them in truth, goodness, and beauty, to raise them up in wisdom and eloquence. It is to those ends that we labor.”
You’ve labored well this year – ‘tis time for a break and renewal! You’re heading right into summer, remembering that ‘tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.’ Have at it! We love you, my friends, and will miss you dearly!

Curriculum News!

Fall Schedule:

  • Summer check-out Return/Renew - September 5, 2017
  • Fall Curriculum Orders may be placed beginning August 31, 2017