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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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Last week for the KXLY coat drive. Please donate if you can!

CYT is presenting a musical adaptation of Peter Pan – yes, that’s the Peter Pan of Tinkerbelle, Neverland, the Darling children, and pixie dust fame. Our own Addie Dibble, Colin and Elise Smoll, and Brax, Danie, and Micah Ziegler are all part of the wonderful cast.

Choreographers Showcase will be Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Dance Students, use Teacher Referral ID TP28688 at www.discountdance.com and receive a 1st timers 10% discount when purchasing dance wear. 5% discount for returning customers. See you soon! -Ms.Darla,


Memo - October 27 through 31, 2014

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The deciduous trees?? I say, “Wow!” Guess what else notices the leaf-dropping trees? Those tiny little white gnats that like to fly into our mouths and noses when we gawk and look up at those deciduous trees and say, “Wow!” Not the right mouthful, for the eyeful!
THANK YOU’s… first: Gina!! For oversight of the Harvest Party- all things games, food, candy, help, organizational genius; all things: Gina. Add your thanks to mine, won’t you, when you see her? And big thank you to all volunteers, sometimes whole families of volunteers- there’s nothing better than YOU.
PROGRESS REPORTS – are they in like Flynn? Good! No hold-outs!
Hey. Will the person who borrowed the cameras from Mike's desk drawer please return them IMMEDIATELY? The Yearbook class needs them like, yesterday.
This is our final week to participate in KXLY’s coat drive for area children. There’s a box marked Coats4Kids in the Mothers’ Room at Deer Park. Your contribution will fit into it juuust perfectly! Better check the ‘Lost and Found’ Moms…some of those neglected coats may soon join the Coats4Kids box!
Pizza Hut Book It! The program is back! All Students K-6 will enjoy 5 months of fun reading and pizza eating! Pick up information and vouchers in the DP Library on October 28th.
The Memorial service for Jeff Barker is this Thursday, Oct 30th, 4 pm, at Calvary Chapel in north Spokane. The church is providing a meal following the ceremony; desserts from attendees are welcome. There has been such a kindness, program-wide, towards the Barkers – thank you so.
We have some miscellaneous items that one of our Specialists is requesting: old puzzles (perfectly fine if parts are missing); old Christmas ornaments, old Christmas cards, old Christmas ribbon, and glass jars of any size. Pitch such excess our way!
As we look towards November, a few reminders: Tuesday, Nov 11, school will be closed in honor of Veterans’ Day. Additionally, on Wednesday, Nov 26, the Thanksgiving break begins at noon. There will be morning classes at both sites, but NO buses. Parents pick their children up at their morning class site.
In the ‘American Girls’ enrichment class, ‘Felicity’ is the girl of focus. The scene is set – the participating young ladies are writing cursive letters with feather pens; the moment is delicate and refined. Biscuits and tea are being served. Special teacups are accenting the ceremony- why teacups? Why a ceremony? Because, the instructor explains, such moments represent a coming into womanhood – and the class is being asked to recognize (yes, with genteel understanding) just what this represented to young women long ago. With the room poised, the instructor is saying to examine the teacups before them, for many hands held just such teacups as they engaged in ceremonies that marked their entry into another phase of life. “Oh! Oh- you’re saying that there are a lot of germs in these cups??” asked a student who’s ‘perceptiveness’ made it a charged moment, all right!

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Curriculum News!

Pizza Hut Book It!

Grades K-6 - Pick up vouchers in the DP libray! Program runs October - March.

1. When placing orders please refer to the form you received in your mailbox. Home Link is regulated by the DPSD and Faith based materials are not approved for ordering. :(
2. MY MATH grades K-5 and GLENCOE MATH grades 6-8 SAMPLES are on display in the Resource Room. Come take a look!

3. Items purchased with allocations go to Connie first to be checked off your purchase list.