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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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Past 10 Announcements

What's New at Home Link

Kindergarten and 8th grade Graduation is this Thursday, May 28th in the DP Gym at 7pm.

Friday, June 5th is Home Link Graduation at DP High School at 7 pm.

Last week of Classes... summer is upon us! Enjoy each other and say 'thank you' to all our adminsitrators who made this year great!

GUESS WHAT ?! Monday, June 1 is Fair Day!!! 10 am. through 2 pm

SBAC Events:

  • Tuesday, June 2: SBAC Reading for 10 and 11th graders; 9 am; DP
  • Wednesday, June 3: SBAC Writing for 10 and 11th graders; 9 am; DP
  • Thursday, June 4: Biology EOC; 9 am; DP


MEMO - May 26 through 29, 2015

THIS Week's events:
Tuesday, Wed, Thurs- FINAL week of classes for this school year- goodness, how can it be?!
Tuesday, May 26: EOC Biology practice, DP Reading Room; 3:15 - 5:15 pm
Thursday, May 28: Kindergarten and Eighth grade graduation; 7 pm, in the DP Gym.
Friday, May 29: EOC Algebra and Geometry testing; 9am, DP
Final week's events:
Monday, June 1: Fair Day-- 10 am. through 2 pm. Paperwork in order? Next year's learning plans in? Of course! Volunteer to help this most wonderful day run smoothly, won’t you? Thanks!
Tuesday, June 2: SBAC Reading for 10 and 11th graders; 9 am; DP
Wednesday, June 3: SBAC Writing for 10 and 11th graders; 9 am; DP
Thursday, June 4: Biology EOC; 9 am; DP
Friday, June 5: Home Link Graduation at DP High School; 7 pm.
Notes of the week: Faces of Poverty is hosting a FOOD DRIVE during the Fair. Please bring non- perishable items to donate to our local food bank. Thank you!
Yearbooks will be distributed and food items will be received on June 1st from 11-2pm during the Fair. Yearbooks will be available for pick up before that day on May 26 -29th from Miss Connie. Mrs. Petrina and Yearbook Staff say THANK YOU for your support!
HOPE has earned over $200 through the eScript program! They want to encourage more of our families to sign up and use their cards at Yokes and other local stores. There will be a table in the parents' room during the Fair to assist with sign up - it's quick and easy! AND Summer Movie tkts will also be on sale.
There are a number of announcements of summer activities in the Mothers' Room. Two of our teaching Specialists are offering classes- Tiffany Johnson's summer music camp, Ratatat! might be of interest to you. She taught drums and music for us this past year; and the talented Steve Moss is offering a Watercolor class this summer, as well. Just a few of the options!
Drama students for 2015-16 (grades 9-12)…please sign up for auditions, on the drama board. The web will soon have more information—Sharlene thanks you for your interest!
Whatchadoin this summer? That's what I asked some little ones this past week. One sweetie shyly shared that she was going to be in France. For one month. Wow! As I coaxed some information from her about this highly exciting venture, another young one volunteered that she had just gone to Seattle. And back. I told her that I could tell, and was so glad for her return. Not to be outdone, a little guy piped up that he was going to Riverfront Park. 'I don't know what day, but it'll be a BIG ONE!' Well, you know it! Your kids have such ideas about what's ahead for them during these next few months...is there ANYTHING better than big-eyed plans on the very cusp of summer, red rovers?!!

Curriculum News!

Last day for Summer Check-out is June 1st!

Silverwood Tickets!
Pick up in the Resource Room June 1st.