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We are a Parent Partnership Program where parents of home schooled children and teachers from the Deer Park School District work together to define the educational goals and materials our parents and students use at home. The first session of Home Link started in September 2000 with 38 students. Today, we have over 500 students. We also provide core and supplemental classes at our Deer Park and Clayton campuses.

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Welcome to the 2014/15 School Year! Classes begin-Monday, September 15th

Scheduling Note:
If you are signing up for Spanish 1, 9am Tuesdays, or Spanish 2, 11am Tuesdays, then you MUST also sign up for Spanish 1 and 2 at 10am on Tuesday's. All three classes are taught on the Deer Park campus.

Ballet Students must take ALL related classes for your assigned level. If you are Level 1/2 and up, make sure you are enrolled 2xs a week. Level 3 & Pointe have a combined conditioning requirement on Thursday 2nd period for a total of 3 classes a week. If you have trouble getting your second class, contact Darla Green and I will get you in.

Dance Students, use Teacher Referral ID TP28688 at www.discountdance.com and receive a 1st timers 10% discount when purchasing dance wear. 5% discount for returning customers. See you soon! -Ms.Darla,

Thursday Pointe/Partnering looks to be only girls this year. We will be working on Pointe Solos and delving into the lives of professional dance history.


MEMO - September 15 through 19, 2014

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MEMO, September 14 through 19, 2014
Annnnd you’re here! Back among us, with your students and babies in tow! You ARE the burst of life that gives purpose and energy to all we do. WELCOME!!
Classes are the focus this week for you/us - so some helpful reminders:
Kids must be scheduled for a class every hour that they’re on site- unless they’re with you…this is totally a safety issue on our part. Thanks!
Parents of our young students and/or new students? Could you stay on site at each campus for the first few weeks? We recommend it, for both your son/daughter’s confidence as they transition from one class to another, but also for the comfort that only YOU can provide if they need reassurance while experiencing these first days with us. Thanks!
Yes, you have two weeks to change classes (such needs happen!), so if that’s what is desired, please call the schedulers for re-arrangements. Thanks!
Some classes are now meeting in different classrooms- you might check online for the most current room assignments…or risk confusion!
One of the teachers who made us better for years – Pam Foster – just accepted a full-time consulting position with another Parent Partnership. Such news was a mixed joy to hear, as you can imagine. We applaud this wonderful step for her and say well-deserved, Pam!! Please know that her scheduled classes are now covered by very special, splendid teachers – ones just like Pam.
Start thinking about those Progress Reports, folks…the 20th (REALLY!) cometh!
Picture exhausted young boys riding in the backseat, seat-belted, bodies akimbo, leaning atop one another, totally asleep. One boy’s chin rests on another’s head, all limbs limp-the scene so resembling baby puppies asleep in a heap, that I had to look again. Ahhh. The riches of summer. Nothing like it! But. We’re transitioning into academics and the grit that school, not play, brings. Ready?? Shall we do the shift together, with the sweetness of summer’s moments providing momentum as we re-gird for all that’s ahead? So… get set…and… HIT IT, CHAMPS!

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Welcome back!

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